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"Web Development is our daily life. It’s our playgroud."
We are PandavaMedia, a web agency located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our main business scope is web development and email marketing. We deeply in love and passionate about what we are doing. We loves websites (we are not ashamed to give credits to people out there who creates amazing websites), we are tided to the internet, and we talk about websites more than celebrity gossips out there. And what we love the most is a website that bring benefits to your business, that’s our achievement.
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all work, plenty of play
All work no play turns Jack into Humpty Dumpty; yup, we don’t want that. We take every project in a serious matter, that is how we respect your investment. Nothing is less important than the other, but being able to deliver a project in time is the challange. We see ourself as creative freaks, we have fun to keep our mind straight, but when times come for work, we stick our nose to deadline schedule like a hound dogs.
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when you do one thing for a long time,
you become good at it
PandavaMedia has been doing website since 2006, yes, it is almost a decade. Only one thing, we only focussed on web development. Along the experiences gained, we become better and better in what we are doing. From a simple company profile website to a complex online shopping, but one thing principle remain unchanged, website should be unique, it must have the identity of each business, and most of all, got to be usefull.
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It’s really break our heart when someone dropped our offers only because of price before listen to our concept. Seriously, we worked upside-down to be efficient. We take full respect on every penny you put as your investment. We would never charge you more than what you get (we even put in one or two things as extra compliment).
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