How do we ‘cut’ our price slim?
There are no jokes here, we do everything we could to win your smile.
We start from your budget
Cost of each projects are calculated based on your allocated budget. We identify and customized the right solution that fit in your budget. You control what you need and what you pay for, no extra expenses on things you don't need.
Re-cycleable programming
Although we are dealing with thousand lines of code every day, we try to be green in code, which mean most of our modules are created as generic as possible to maintain reusability through projects. Less time we spend on codes mean less manpower you pay for.
Efficiency in time
Productivity is key financial factor. The faster project is developed, the less man-days we have to charge you and work fee. Preparation and maintained communication from both our side is the way to avoid back-and-forward time wasting development expenses.
Less coffee on meeting
We try to work seamless by communicating project with you through email and online chat, less going out for meeting means productive time saving and less coffee cost for us. Not that we have problem with caffeine, in fact, we do have problem when no caffein :) Our efficiency means cost saving on your side.
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