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PandavaMail is an email marketing service from PandavaMedia. Since introduced in 2013, PandavaMail continuing to deliver outsourcing service for wide range of business to maintain and take care their email marketing activities. Our service handle full circle of preparation & processing from every email campaign your send. With PandavaMail, you can now spend your valueable times on your campaign contents, and we'll take care the rest.
What services do we offer?      See how is the process
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Template design
Every email campaigns you sent are your identity. It represents your company and speak for you. We spent hours to imagine and craft your email design to make it beautifull and speak louder for you. Fonts, colors, images and layout arrangement, they are all being carefully selected for the state-of-art purpose.
Database management
Clean contact database guarantee a better sending reputation, which one of the factor to generate an optimum result. Keeping your list clean from duplicate & invalid emals, or bounces & unsubscribed emails is a must, it’s an ongoing process. Yet no worries, we’ll take care that for you :)
Sending process
Have you ever question yourself, "what happen to my emails when I hit the SEND button?"Yes, we do that, we ask ourself the same question every single time a campaign was sent. Here is the part we come in handy, from SMTP, sending tools, until your emails are sent out, all those time-consuming works and preparation details will be taken over by our team. So you can relax and focus only on strategical planning.
Forms & processing
One of our service is creating a nice and easy-use forms for your subscription, unsubscription and contact profile updating. Our forms are also equipped with email confirmations, and ensured with seemless process that does not required may steps to finish.
Tracking & reporting
Is email marketing measurable? yes indeed. That is one of the beauty of email marketing. Our works for you is not stop only on sending, even after every sending, we keep our eyes open on the tracking results.
Of course, those numbers will be presented to you in a nice and convenient report (comes with chart, percentage and many details that will make your day)
we have more...
Above are the major services that we offer, but that is not all of it.
We also provide you with a space to host your contents; news, articles, images, PDFs, if you don't have any place to upload your contents, no worries, we got space for you.
Check out these contents that hosted with us
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