We do web,
as simple as that
We build website, any kind of serious website and anything about website. We have been doing website for nearly a decade since 2006, and we’ll keep on doing it. So, when you need someone to talk about web, then you come to the right people to talk to.
Concept & Design
This is the part where we love the most. It start here, we believe that a good website must have a strong concept and design. Without concept, there will be no goal. So, the right concept get you closer to your goal.
HTML structuring
Back to the 90s, HTML was almost everything when it comes to a website. And today, HTML remain the core foundations that bring a website together. A well written HTML codes is the standard for today website, need less for any funky coding, just a good-old-fashioned HTML that easy to understand and works across many web browser.
Scripting & Styling
The era of website only for information center has swifted. There are more and more needs to make website interactive than just informative. Scripting and CSS styling  gives opportunity for website to be alive. When we build a website, we carefully chooses the right scripting and styling. We love colourful and interactive website, but doesn’t mean that we should overuse them.
At some point, having a simple and static website was no longer enough. You will need database to store information in your website. Worry not about that, we can do any type of database structure for your website. From articles to large products catalog, or simply photo gallery storage to membersip data. We are ready for that.
Content Management System (CMS), you might have heard that already. CMS is basically a back office system that allow you to take full administration control on every bits of your website. Well, not like every single bricks, but our easy-to-use CMS have the capability for you to decide what, where and when to display a piece of information in your website. You can now have a dinamic and freshly updated website from time to time.
Search Engine Optimation (SEO)
First, we are not a SEO agency nor we are offering any SEO services. But, we understand clearly that SEO is an unseparated part from a website. And we also do understand that a search engine optimized website is the basic for any amazing SEO or SEM activities. Our websites are SEO friendly, yes, it guaranteed will give you a head start on your SEO competition.
We understand your concern about your long term investment. Choosing us not only guaranteed you with a professional development service, but also an ongoing maintenance that keep your website monitored and being taken care from time to time. "Your business in our good hand" that is our life motto.
More about our maintenance program
domain registration & hosting
Having a website means you need a server space to host the files and domain name (yourbrand.com) as the address.
We are committed to deliver you a total solutions, therefore, we also have a reliable hosting server for you to choose.
Try one of the website hosted in our server
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