Either you are doing it or not
we are here to help
If you have not start your email marketing yet, we’ll help you get started. But if you already doing it, then we are here to make it better for you.
What is PandavaMail?
The easy way to understand what is pandavamail is from what are we do and offer you.
There are no tricks or any nonsense magics for what we do. It is pretty straight forward, we help to put you out from misery and troubles you are facing when doing your email marketing. It might sounds to much indeed, but if you talk to your guy who handle your email marketing process, he will be able to show you the sweats he has gone through all this time :)
To shorten it, pandavamail is a service that we generated for you to outsource your email marketing process to the hand of people who are professional in it.
we take care your email marketing sending
You might have question for which part exactly that our team comes in handy for you.
Well, list below might give you a clearer picture for what to expect.
  • we do the design for your email template (there are artistical and best practice method involved)
  • we prepare all the subscription forms and processing (including confirmation and email notification)
  • we maintain and manage your contacts database
  • we generate the HTML code for your beautiful email content
  • we are partnering with the best Email Service Provider, which guarantee you with an optimized click and open result (yes, it's included in our service)
  • we provide you with comprehensive reporting for your sending result.
  • and more...
Bottom line is, we are ensuring that you and your marketing team can spend time more on planning, leave the busy part to us.
consult with our mailman about your email campaign
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